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While most of our inventory have the balance of factory warranty, what better way to protect your investment than extended warranty! Extended coverage gives you that piece of mind, while you are making payments on your vehicle, you will have no out of pocket expense for repairs, that could potentially inhibit your ability to make your payments.

Carvista's rigorous Certified Inspections ensure that the vehicles meet all warranty criteria to either add, or extend the warranty on your new to you vehicle. With 25 year of relationships built with our warranty providers, Carvista is able to offer that cut above the rest in respect to getting you covered if and when a repair is necessary. We are able to provide inhouse warranty repairs, or help you with making a claim, and direct you to the appropriate repair facility! Most of our extended coverage's offer free rental cars, road side assistance and break down away from home insurance. With options from basic to comprehensive, our partnering warranties are affordable and comforting insurance on such a large investment.

GAP - Protection Against The Unexpected
Your vehicle is likely the second largest investment you'll make in your life time; why leave your credit up to luck? With loan terms growing, and vehicle prices getting higher and higher, negative equity is a very real threat to your credit!

Say you are driving down the road, and someone hits your vehicle, resulting in a insurance write off. We have all learned by now that MPI likes to offer you the least amount possible for your vehicle! Lets run through a scenario:
1. You owe $21000 on your vehicle
2. Actual Value MPI Pays $14000
3. You still owe $7000!
...and you still need to replace your vehicle.

GAP protection offers peace of mind that even if life hands you lemons, you can make lemonade. Carvista's True Gap protection offers insurance of up to $50,000 in negative equity, if your vehicle is written off due to fire, theft, vandalism or an accident! Not only that, but it will cover your deductible up to $1000, and give you a instore credit with us of $500 towards your next vehicle!

Long story short, don't let luck control your credit, make sure you get GAP coverage on your next car loan!

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