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Thunder Bay Used Vehicles

Carvista Serving the Thunder Bay Area with Quality Used Vehicles and Cars

Carvista Inc is the top province to province exporter of quality used vehicles in the Prairies region.  We sell used cars, trucks and SUVs to Thunder Bay drivers on a regular basis, and have developed an outstanding reputation in providing exceptional product and availability, while offering pricing dramatically lower than what is available locally!

On average, Carvista provides 5-10 customers per month with the car truck or SUV of choice to Thunder Bay and surrounding Ontario area residents.  We have established an A+ BBB rating, with positive experiences and referrals stemming from bountiful purchases by Thunder Bay Residents.

Carvista offers shipping options that can fit any budget! 

We deal with all the major shipping companies including CN rail and Keewest Auto Carriers.  We are able to arrange special dealer rates for the shipment of your new vehicle and including the shipping in your financing payment so you don't have to pay out of pocket!  

Carvista offers the easiest financing options for one simple reason, we build relationships!  By sending millions of dollars in business to our lending institutions every year, we build solid business relationships that benefit you, our customer.

We have bank representatives that actively look to earn your business and do so by offering unmatchable terms, interest rates as low as 0%, ease of use, and a one stop shop for all your vehicle needs.  We employ a business manager to personally work for you to ensure you get the absolute best interest rate and protection possible.

Select lenders have created a loyalty program for certain dealers, and we happen to be one of them! Due to the volume of business Carvista does, we have negotiated a program that offers NO Payments for 6 months!  Why pay now, pay later!

Why wait, lets get started with a fully secure applications so we can get you pre-approved for that perfect vehicle!

  • "We purchased our F-250 from Carvista and had it at our door within 4 days!" - Joe
  • "Super clean Edge, at a price no one could touch in Thunder Bay!"  - Marge
  • "Check out Carvista - "Seriously" - Chad